Nick & Megan Wedding / Willow Creek Farm/ Cleveland Georgia

   Gosh, it's so hard to put into words how extremely happy I am for Nick and Megan! How can I write down the deep love and respect I have for each of them.

    See, I've known Nick for 4 years now, and heard his many laments over finding "the one." I have prayed for him and prayed for Megan, before I even knew her. And then when she finally did come along, it's been such a joy to watch their relationship blossom into a beautiful love story! She is an absolute match for him in every way; she compliments, challenges and encourages him perfectly. Together, no doubt, they will be a couple that changes the world around them.

   Ya'll I LOVED being your wedding photographer! No only did I get to document a fabulous, gorgeous day, but I did get to break it down on the dance floor too. Thank you, thank you, for the great honor, and thank you for the glorious friendship I get to have with you two daily! Hugs, hugs! Love you both so much!