Best of 2017:Weddings

I love shooting weddings! I love being with couples on the best day of their life, celebrating with their most favorite people in the world, seeing them dressed to the nines and partying with them into the night, seriously, how could I not LOVE what I do! But in reality my favorite part of being a wedding photographer is documenting the story of their love. To capture two people who adore one another, who commit to one another, who promise to be there for each other in thick and thin, it is nothing but an honor to be part of your day! Thank you for getting married! In today's world where loyalty, commitment and the covenant of marriage is not valued as it should be, I'm proud of each and every one of you for choosing to commit to one person and choosing to love them each day. Because love is not a feeling, it is a choice and at times really hard work, but man, IT IS WORTH IT! And thank you for choosing me to be the one who tells your love story and shouts loudly to the world through your story..."We Choose To Love." 

Bethany O'Bryant