Josh & Olivia: Chattahoochee Country Club, Gainesville Georgia

Life doesn't always go as planned. Things happen. Unexpected things. And for Josh and Olivia, their something unexpected had to do with his service in the National Guard. So, even though they had planned for an April wedding, things came up and they had to change the date to January 5th. Maybe not what they had in mind originally, but I think it turned out beautiful. Yes it was January, and yes, it was freezing cold, but this amazing couple was not discouraged whatsoever! Josh and Olivia have been such a fabulous couple to work with! Their sweetness and tenderness towards each other, their amazing, support group of friends and family and their willingness to go outside in the cold to do photos made my job so easy! Josh and Olivia, you two are perfect for each other and I'm so excited to see the adventure that God has in store for the two of you!!

Thank you Chattahoochee Country Club ( for being such a welcoming venue! Thank you to Christopher ( for being such a HUGE, fabulous part of this wedding!

Bethany O'Bryant