Devin & Hannah Engagement: Dahlonega GA

I'm so excited to tell you a little about Devin and Hannah! This couple is such a joy to work with and I already can't wait for their wedding! In Hannah's words: 

"Devin and I met on the dirt roads. I was with my friend Kelsey in her jeep and he was with his friend Cody in Cody's jeep. We were driving past each other and stopped to say hi. Kelsey knew them through her boyfriend. I told Kelsey to get his snapchat name and later I added him on snapchat but I never sent him anything. He snap chatted me and we talked a little that day. Kelsey told me that their whole group of friends were going to a wedding the coming up weekend. Devin was going to be a groomsmen. I wanted to go to hangout with Kelsey and our other friend Sue so I told Devin I wanted to come as his date. Of course he agreed! 😉 Devin was already there, as he was part of the wedding party, so I road with friends. When we were on our way to the wedding, they all told me to not get my feelings hurt if Devin didn't talk to me because he doesn't get serious with girls and he's all about having a good time. I went to the wedding just excited to hangout with my friends and have fun. After the ceremony was over and we ate at the reception, Devin and I started to talk. The rest of the night Devin was glued to my side. All of our friends were in shock that he took such an interest in me so fast. We talked and danced as if we had known each other forever. We have been together ever since. It was truly love at first sight! 

For the proposal, Devin had my mom tell me that we were going to have family pictures taken. We had Jax that weekend, so my mom said for us to invite his parents so they could have some pictures taken with Jax too. When the day came to take pictures, we took them as normal. Then, the photographer asked me and Devin to stand alone for pictures. I was wondering why since no other couple had pictures taken alone but, I didn't think too much into it. 

When I turned around I saw Jax walking towards us with a sign that said "Hannah, will you marry my daddy?" Then, Devin got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the absolute best day ever! " Seriously how you not love this couple?!? They are the sweetest!! 

Bethany O'Bryant