Chris & Alex: Cold Creek Farm Dawsonville GA Wedding

Chris and Alex's Dawsonville, Georgia wedding at Cold Creek Farm was amazing! They are an incredible couple with nothing but love, respect and admiration for one another! Here is Their sweet story of how they met:

Chris and Alex sat next to each other for an entire year junior year of high school in their German class. Not many words were exchanged between the two of them. Over the summer between junior and senior year the two began to talk. Chris had messaged Alex through direct message on Twitter. They went on their first date in June of 2012. From then on the two began dating through their senior year. With graduation came leaving for college. Alex pursued her teaching degree and Chris began his journey at the United States Coast Guard Academy. The couple has been long distance since then and are looking forward to spending life together, wherever the Coast Guard sends them!

Right now they are in the process of moving to New Hampshire for Their first duty station in Kittery, Maine. Alex is planning to continue teaching in some capacity and Chris will be an Ensign aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Reliance. They are planning to be there for the next two years before finding out where they will go after that. They are looking forward to being able to travel and explore the New England area while they are stationed there. Though they may not know exactly what is going to happen they are looking forward to having a life together wherever that may be!

Bethany O'Bryant