Cape San Blas Florida

Just got back from a fabulous beach vacation to Cape San Blas Florida!! If you have never been there before, you must go, it’s beautiful. I mean, it’s beautiful to people who like to just play at the beach, but don’t care about fancy Restaurants, mini golf or weird beach fairs. We spent the entire week playing, swimming, exploring and adventuring in God’s creation.

Cape San Blas is a peninsula into the gulf of Mexico just south of Panama city beach florida. There are no high rises, but just houses along the coast and bay beaches. there is a bike path down the Entire peninsula that ends at St. Josephs state park. and the peninsula is scattered with a few small places to eat, a couple of small stores and one delicious Donut shop.

Here are some highlights from our trip:

  • Gideon, Joanna and I kayaked with Dolphins

  • Jason and I kayaked in the bay where we found a sea turtle, lots of crabs and Copious Amounts of mullet Jumping out of the water, which made us laugh!

  • we Snorkeled in the bay with rays, crabs and tons pretty fish

  • evenings were spent playing board games, star gazing, fire watching or night fishing

  • mornings consisted of reading on the front porch, bike riding (to get donuts) or playing on the beach early

  • the guys fished a lot, and Gideon caught two sharks, a catfish and a 28inch Barracuda!!

  • we swam in the pool, we went boogie boarding in the ocean, Snorkeled around, laid on the beach, read books and really just enjoyed a week away

On another note, this was the first trip, in a long time, that I actually felt ready to come home. Usually, my soul needs a few more days and I’m just not ready to come back to real Life. But not this time. This year I have Worked unquestionably hard to be more intentional about "rest." Last year I was Extremely burnt out. I said “yes” to too many things and I was painfully struggling. But this year I said “no” to a whole lot of good things. I’ve been intentional about weekly hiking with the kids and planning weekend campouts as a family, and I have learned that for us, we need to get away from our home businesses to truly rest. and so, we went away, had some adventuring and relaxation and now I feel ready to work hard for this season until our next getaway. If i can encourage you to do one thing, it would be to intentionally carve out Space for rest. Put it on your Calendar, slow down a bit, say “no” to good Things, Have fun, laugh more and plan out those moments that truly bring rest in your life. For you it may not be a beach trip, camping or hiking, but figure out what it is and do it this week. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Bethany O'Bryant